Floating Infinity Necklace

Floating Infinity Necklace

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Infinity, or Eternity symbol. Symbolize eternity in any relationship. Delicate lightly hammered hangs between chain in middle of neck. 

(price per single necklace)

Hangs approx 17" total. 

Infinity symbol measures approx 3/4"

Often the simplest symbols are the ones with 

the richest meanings. 

The infinity sign, the figure of eight, 

and the mathematical lemniscate 

all refer to the same shape that contains a 

wealth of complex meaning 

within its fluid lines.

The infinity sign has its origins in the Arabic numerals 

that actually came from India.The sign can be drawn 

in one continuous movement, making a seesaw movement of 

clockwise and counterclockwise loops. 

These loops reflect the balance 

of opposites; male and female, day and night, dark and light.


Because the circles of the lemniscate sit side by side, 

the sign implies equality between these opposing forces, 

with the connecting point in the center the convergent point. 

The sign epitomizes the idea of sexual union and of 

"two becoming one." 

The infinity sign stands for 

wholeness and completion.